Head Unit Upgrade

This month our car gets an upgrade that takes it from a stock CD/Radio unit to a full Pioneer Head Unit that has Android Auto and Apple Carplay it was installed by professionals with a back up camera and really adds much needed safety and modern tech to the old faithful Honda CR-V. its taken the car to a new level now as when you sit inside it you have the maps and digital music ready to go and a remote control for a passenger to manage while your driving. the backup camera gets the job done its not extremely high resolution unfortunately but its good enough to see things behind you when parallel parking. our next plan is to replace the 18 year old car speakers with some new ones and possibly sound dampen the doors where the speakers are to improve audio quality. its been one of the better improvements we have made to the car since buying the car. 🙂

If you can shell out the cash on an aftermarket head unit for your car pioneer seems to be a great option. it just really depends on the car your spending the cash on as some extra things are needed when getting this done. you need to make sure you have a double din slot to fit some stereo units, though you can get some single din head units with a screen that sits outside of the single din head unit. or you can go double din and semi test fit it. but you need a hardness and facia kit which your car audio store should be able to order in for you!

Project CRV

In 2019 we started the journey of buying a used car and getting it fixed up for travel while we were taking this journey we were also learning to drive and taking lessons which has helped us to get where we are now with our future interests picking up this car cheap however was not what it had panned out to be. after thousands of dollars was spent on it to get the mechanical side sorted out struts replaced and many other things this 2002 Honda CR-V has become a really great car to drive. we have still got more to do in this car fix a couple of panels and give it a proper modern head unit install some modern reversing cameras dash cams so we have footage for insurance reasons. and overall some other minor things but it has been going well for what we wanted it for and hopefully by next year we will be able to do some travelling to visit family or just go on short trips to see some places holiday and or camp once things are back to normal.

I am planning to get some new seat covers to protect the existing original seats as they are in very good condition and sort out some good floor mats as well.

Detailing the car has been very fun but I look forward to gettign it professionally detailed once the outside is finished with upgrades.
New headlights are planned as the stock ones seem to be barely bright enough at night to register as on so I want a bit more visibility especially the reversing lights my old man had his car recently upgraded with some nice reversing lights and it makes a world of difference backing up I can tell you that much. – More edits coming soon!

Saving Up For A Car

I am in the process of saving up for a really nice car and have my eyes set on a particular one because I am after something with limited maintenance required yet offering a little bit of luxury interior. Wood Grains and stuff without a massive price tag. buying new is a no no for me so I am saving up to try and get something thats only a few years old that has a good fuel economy and good comfortable seats for the highway. initially this was a Lancer as i really liked the look of those but for the same price on the used market I could get a top spec Camry that might be a little older but should have a longer life reliability wise. this is going to be a slow saving goal to achieve but i think it will be worth it. I have my eyes on an accord as well LOL. but they might be expensive to fix come service time. who knows what the future holds im just looking forward to owning a nice sedan that is as reliable as possible because thats whats important to me.

What I like about these sedan’s is the balance of interior quality and exterior design and the way they especially flesh out the interior design on the higher trim levels thats offered from these brands.

Im also more of a tech person so I like a reasonable amount of technology in the car since I dont carry CD’s anymore I want to be able to connect to my phone though If I should go with an older model we can always add in a modern head unit should I need to. I am still on the fence about some of the decisions but my primary is fuel economy and reliability and as its my first car I do intend to look after it as well (hopefully.)

Taking into account of reliability however I do stress going overboard could become a compromize down the line which has not taken my mind off going for an older model and adding my own head unit in as mentioned above as then i can replace it without fear of breaking anything else that might be controlled entirely by the head unit.

Using Linux As A Gamer

This year I took a recent version of Manjaro & also Ubuntu for a spin to see how they would perform on my reasonably high end pc, I say reasonable because I still have an old 1080ti in my system I just have not had the time to be bothered replacing it with a new 20 or 30 series card when they are affordable.

I don’t mind tinkering with computers and rebuilding them should they need to be but generally I have a trouble free experience using windows so I wanted to see how easy it is to get some of the games in my library running on steam over in linux.

I won’t lie for some games it can involve a fair bit of tinkering to get it to work but other games just work out of the box and perform almost exactly the same as they do in windows.

This short post is mainly to express how far linux has come over the years with Proton Support allowing even some DX12 titles to run on Linux.

I play a lot of MMO Games casually and so some of the challenge is that I cant always use steam to play certain games so this involved using an Application called Lutris to help with that anyway a lot of the setup was fairly strait forward and I was off doing my Dailys after that with no problems. 🙂
I recently introduced my old man to linux and he has also had a great experience so hes sort of dual booting and dabbling now to see what he can do on it when hes not busy gaming of course. its good to see free stuff getting up there and giving people alternatives in many cases i like it more especially with updates and customization. (more on that later!)

What I will mention is that you have a lot of choice you can run with windows like desktop environments try something new or completely customize the whole thing to what you want it to look like. updates are fairly simple gets out of the way and most of the time doesnt force you to restart your computer every time you install something ugh. so i have been learning a bit about tuning and tweaking on linux to keep my knowlege up they say it keeps the mind busy learning new stuff well once you got everything how you want it. the system pretty much stops popping up with things and the dreaded pop ups to upgrade stupid programs goes away as well since most stuff on linux is free 🙂 – Dean


In 2020, I decided to downscale a lot of my webdomains and just maintain my main site with the cost of living going up since the crisis it has only got more important that I move all my blogging content under the one domain cootason.com or my other domain cootason.net which now links here anyway. also earlier this year Joinley.com was closed down as i was not utilizing it to its potential along with a few other domains I was running. cootason will be a place I share my opinions on things or interesting pc related build guides. my thoughts on PC Gaming in general and Or my Driving Interests as i finally get my License! 😀 Im not really in blogging to sell stuff like other blogs do more so about giving useful information or reviews on things i find that helped me. 2020 has been a wild year for me and its still not over. and with time working from home now I can sort of sit down and think about this blog and where I would like to take this journey running cootason.net in the future. Affiliate Marketing is not what it used to be with many places cutting percentages that Affiliates might earn it doesnt seem all that profitable to do either so I am more about writing valuable content that can help readers either with building a computer or just learn about me in a easy down to earth way. I also want to cover a project I have been working on with our Car which has been a rather fun thing thats been in progress for the past several months restoring it and making it a really enjoyable suv. -Dean

Extensive Plugins & Why I’m switching away from using them.

In the last couple of years I have been maintaining a relatively small blog I don’t write a lot of content on my website and during the learning process was buying plugins for wordpress and using a bunch of free ones as well. While they have their place I have been worried about the privacy stuff thats going on and now I have chosen to minimize my use of plugins and just decide to focus on writing content instead of messing around learning about the million plugins that there might be out there that confuse me from just getting the work I need done.

Initially like I said above I liked buying and using plugins the problem is though once you start relying on plugins on the website and start spending money on plugin after plugin or subscriptions and when you stop posting content for a while you start to wonder what you bought the plugin for in the first place.

Sure they are great at what they do but you stray from the core reason you started the blog in the first place for example theres page builders that have you wanting to focus on how your website looks so youll spend countless hours making a site look a certain way in the time you initially limited yourself to for writing a post unfortunately for me that happens far too often ill buy a new plugin and start spending time learning to use it rather than getting the idea for a post out.

Starting fresh. (AGAIN)

Due to this I have started my blog from scratch because I wanted to focus on just bringing articles that I write to reality rather than just thinking about it! I hope you find my articles useful as I start with fresh ideas.

While some plugins might still be useful I may keep a very minimal approach to keep from being overwhelmed.