Saving Up For A Car

I am in the process of saving up for a really nice car and have my eyes set on a particular one because I am after something with limited maintenance required yet offering a little bit of luxury interior. Wood Grains and stuff without a massive price tag. buying new is a no no for me so I am saving up to try and get something thats only a few years old that has a good fuel economy and good comfortable seats for the highway. initially this was a Lancer as i really liked the look of those but for the same price on the used market I could get a top spec Camry that might be a little older but should have a longer life reliability wise. this is going to be a slow saving goal to achieve but i think it will be worth it. I have my eyes on an accord as well LOL. but they might be expensive to fix come service time. who knows what the future holds im just looking forward to owning a nice sedan that is as reliable as possible because thats whats important to me.

What I like about these sedan’s is the balance of interior quality and exterior design and the way they especially flesh out the interior design on the higher trim levels thats offered from these brands.

Im also more of a tech person so I like a reasonable amount of technology in the car since I dont carry CD’s anymore I want to be able to connect to my phone though If I should go with an older model we can always add in a modern head unit should I need to. I am still on the fence about some of the decisions but my primary is fuel economy and reliability and as its my first car I do intend to look after it as well (hopefully.)

Taking into account of reliability however I do stress going overboard could become a compromize down the line which has not taken my mind off going for an older model and adding my own head unit in as mentioned above as then i can replace it without fear of breaking anything else that might be controlled entirely by the head unit.