Project CRV

In 2019 we started the journey of buying a used car and getting it fixed up for travel while we were taking this journey we were also learning to drive and taking lessons which has helped us to get where we are now with our future interests picking up this car cheap however was not what it had panned out to be. after thousands of dollars was spent on it to get the mechanical side sorted out struts replaced and many other things this 2002 Honda CR-V has become a really great car to drive. we have still got more to do in this car fix a couple of panels and give it a proper modern head unit install some modern reversing cameras dash cams so we have footage for insurance reasons. and overall some other minor things but it has been going well for what we wanted it for and hopefully by next year we will be able to do some travelling to visit family or just go on short trips to see some places holiday and or camp once things are back to normal.

I am planning to get some new seat covers to protect the existing original seats as they are in very good condition and sort out some good floor mats as well.

Detailing the car has been very fun but I look forward to gettign it professionally detailed once the outside is finished with upgrades.
New headlights are planned as the stock ones seem to be barely bright enough at night to register as on so I want a bit more visibility especially the reversing lights my old man had his car recently upgraded with some nice reversing lights and it makes a world of difference backing up I can tell you that much. – More edits coming soon!