Extensive Plugins & Why I’m switching away from using them.

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

In the last couple of years I have been maintaining a relatively small blog I don’t write a lot of content on my website and during the learning process was buying plugins for wordpress and using a bunch of free ones as well. While they have their place I have been worried about the privacy stuff thats going on and now I have chosen to minimize my use of plugins and just decide to focus on writing content instead of messing around learning about the million plugins that there might be out there that confuse me from just getting the work I need done.

Initially like I said above I liked buying and using plugins the problem is though once you start relying on plugins on the website and start spending money on plugin after plugin or subscriptions and when you stop posting content for a while you start to wonder what you bought the plugin for in the first place.

Sure they are great at what they do but you stray from the core reason you started the blog in the first place for example theres page builders that have you wanting to focus on how your website looks so youll spend countless hours making a site look a certain way in the time you initially limited yourself to for writing a post unfortunately for me that happens far too often ill buy a new plugin and start spending time learning to use it rather than getting the idea for a post out.

Starting fresh. (AGAIN)

Due to this I have started my blog from scratch because I wanted to focus on just bringing articles that I write to reality rather than just thinking about it! I hope you find my articles useful as I start with fresh ideas.

While some plugins might still be useful I may keep a very minimal approach to keep from being overwhelmed.

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