Head Unit Upgrade

Photo by Dominik Garbera on Unsplash

This month our car gets an upgrade that takes it from a stock CD/Radio unit to a full Pioneer Head Unit that has Android Auto and Apple Carplay it was installed by professionals with a back up camera and really adds much needed safety and modern tech to the old faithful Honda CR-V. its taken the car to a new level now as when you sit inside it you have the maps and digital music ready to go and a remote control for a passenger to manage while your driving. the backup camera gets the job done its not extremely high resolution unfortunately but its good enough to see things behind you when parallel parking. our next plan is to replace the 18 year old car speakers with some new ones and possibly sound dampen the doors where the speakers are to improve audio quality. its been one of the better improvements we have made to the car since buying the car. 🙂

If you can shell out the cash on an aftermarket head unit for your car pioneer seems to be a great option. it just really depends on the car your spending the cash on as some extra things are needed when getting this done. you need to make sure you have a double din slot to fit some stereo units, though you can get some single din head units with a screen that sits outside of the single din head unit. or you can go double din and semi test fit it. but you need a hardness and facia kit which your car audio store should be able to order in for you!

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