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Using Linux As A Gamer

This year I took a recent version of Manjaro & also Ubuntu for a spin to see how they would perform on my reasonably high end pc, I say reasonable because I still have an old 1080ti in my system I just have not had the time to be bothered replacing it with a new 20 or 30 series card when they are affordable.

I don’t mind tinkering with computers and rebuilding them should they need to be but generally I have a trouble free experience using windows so I wanted to see how easy it is to get some of the games in my library running on steam over in linux.

I won’t lie for some games it can involve a fair bit of tinkering to get it to work but other games just work out of the box and perform almost exactly the same as they do in windows.

This short post is mainly to express how far linux has come over the years with Proton Support allowing even some DX12 titles to run on Linux.

I play a lot of MMO Games casually and so some of the challenge is that I cant always use steam to play certain games so this involved using an Application called Lutris to help with that anyway a lot of the setup was fairly strait forward and I was off doing my Dailys after that with no problems. 🙂
I recently introduced my old man to linux and he has also had a great experience so hes sort of dual booting and dabbling now to see what he can do on it when hes not busy gaming of course. its good to see free stuff getting up there and giving people alternatives in many cases i like it more especially with updates and customization. (more on that later!)

What I will mention is that you have a lot of choice you can run with windows like desktop environments try something new or completely customize the whole thing to what you want it to look like. updates are fairly simple gets out of the way and most of the time doesnt force you to restart your computer every time you install something ugh. so i have been learning a bit about tuning and tweaking on linux to keep my knowlege up they say it keeps the mind busy learning new stuff well once you got everything how you want it. the system pretty much stops popping up with things and the dreaded pop ups to upgrade stupid programs goes away as well since most stuff on linux is free 🙂 – Dean

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