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In 2020, I decided to downscale a lot of my webdomains and just maintain my main site with the cost of living going up since the crisis it has only got more important that I move all my blogging content under the one domain cootason.com or my other domain cootason.net which now links here anyway. also earlier this year Joinley.com was closed down as i was not utilizing it to its potential along with a few other domains I was running. cootason will be a place I share my opinions on things or interesting pc related build guides. my thoughts on PC Gaming in general and Or my Driving Interests as i finally get my License! 😀 Im not really in blogging to sell stuff like other blogs do more so about giving useful information or reviews on things i find that helped me. 2020 has been a wild year for me and its still not over. and with time working from home now I can sort of sit down and think about this blog and where I would like to take this journey running cootason.net in the future. Affiliate Marketing is not what it used to be with many places cutting percentages that Affiliates might earn it doesnt seem all that profitable to do either so I am more about writing valuable content that can help readers either with building a computer or just learn about me in a easy down to earth way. I also want to cover a project I have been working on with our Car which has been a rather fun thing thats been in progress for the past several months restoring it and making it a really enjoyable suv. -Dean

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